You’re here to see if what I’m doing is really any different to all the BS out there…
So let me respect your limited time and lay it our bare, starting with…


Personal Trainers looking to break free from the time-for-money trap of in-person clients and create more Freedom, Flexibility and Security.

Trainers who know they are good and can change lives, but aren’t currently being rewarded or compensated fairly for doing so.

Those who want to have a bigger impact without it costing you in quality of life.

Ultimately, fitness professionals that want to leverage their skills and expertise to earn far more money without it taking more time and without being tied to a physical location.

Otherwise known as – freedom. 

I’m talking about the kind freedom which means you can work from anywhere and don’t have to stress about taking time off to enjoy your life! (Because you’re still getting paid!)

Without having to become a tech whiz kid, advertising guru or sleazy sales person!

So if that’s what you desire…

To STOP having to get up at the crack of dawn and accommodate clients late into the evening…

To STOP having to deal with constant cancellations and rescheduling …

To STOP being paid a fraction of what you are worth for what you provide your clients …

Then you’re in the right place, read on to learn exactly how I went from being a Personal Trainer making $5k per month working ever hour god sends…

To becoming an online coach hitting 20-30k months consistently, working 20 hours per week.

The path from time-for-money prison to complete personal freedom, lies below.

James Pitt

Founder Of The PUSH Program™

OUR Simple Online Kick Start™ PROGRAM (SOKS)

…will work for you if:


You Want To Get Enough Online Clients Of Replace Your 1-to-1 PT Income – Quickly!

Because we’ll be guaranteeing that you pick up at least 6 high ticket Online Clients in under 60 days, so if you only want 1 or 2 online clients because you’re happy selling your time for money doing face to face, this isn’t for you.


You’re Open Minded To The Idea That You Can Actually Get BETTER Results For Your Clients Online Than In Person (though I’m sure you’re sceptical just as I was)

You need to be ready to change your mindset and beliefs – starting right now.

You cannot be afraid of doing things differently from here: Selling your client a RESULT (not your time). That stops right here, right now.

Time is your most valuable asset and your clients don’t even want it! They want results.

No more believing that your clients value your time, nonsense, if you could get them better results without even seeing them, they would snatch your hand off.


You Have A Cause Greater Than Yourself

Here’s why I work with Trainers who have a cause greater than themselves…

They WILL do the work to make this goal a reality.

Because that’s exactly what It took for me to finally step up.

After 5 years as a PT it took my wife getting pregnant with our first baby to force me into action

I saw where my life was heading and I was on a trajectory to miss out on the most precious moments of my entire life.

Necessity is the biggest motivator by a long shot


So the only question is, do you NEED to make a change or simply want to?

Because I wanted to for 5 years and didn’t do jack to make it happen.

If you find that you’re missing out on life to accommodate your clients schedule, then you’re ready to do this.

It might be that you want to spend more quality time with a partner, family or loved ones.

It might be that you just want to be able to take the dog for a walk early evening or have more quality tome to peruse hobbies or the things you enjoy

Whatever it is for you, that’s what will drive this change once you have the roadmap and the support in place.


The reason our clients get such incredible success both quickly AND sustainably is because we keep things ridiculously simple and only focus on the 3 areas that really make a difference.
You won’t need much more than you already have to on-board a minimum of 6 clients and hit at least $10k in under 60 Days.
It’s broken down into 3 distinct phases, takes 8 Weeks to deliver and will empower you with all the knowledge, systems and tools you need to go on to continued success and consistent growth online.
There are millions of people out there that need your help, but the beautiful thing is that you only need a handful of them to build a successful business and escape the time for money trap of Personal Training. We’ll help you identify where those people and how to find others just like them.
We’ll begin to develop your niche and begin speaking their language (this does NOT need to be dialled in to perfection at this point contrary to what all other ‘coaches’ will tell you). We’ll arm you with the tools and frameworks to use to get your prospects raising their hand for your new online program before it’s even built.
We’ll move FAST, create some value bombs (most likely from what you already have laying around or in your brain!) that you can feel great about offering to your prospects. So you’ll never have to DM complete strangers or struggle through cringey ‘sales pitches’.

If it’s one thing I know about sales, it’s that you need to have an offer that you’re proud of, one that you are desperate to put in front of your prospects, if you don’t, getting clients will always be an uphill battle.

Once you feel great about your offer and the value you’re providing, you never have to do “sales”, you GET to talk about what you’ve built and what you’re doing while consulting your prospects on if they feel it’s right for them (and trust me, it will)

If an online business feels like car sales, you’re doing it all wrong. We’ll show you how to create a ‘omni-presence’ without posting on social media every day. With the simple templates and frameworks we provide you will be front and centre of your prospects mind so WHEN they choose to buy, you’re the obvious choice.

When done right, you should be able to coach 10 online clients in the time it would take to do 1 PT session, to BETTER results than they would get from 10 PT sessions with you…(you better read that again!)
In other words, your client will get results 10x FASTER and you’ll spend 10x LESS time helping them do it. That REAL VALUE, selling your time is not. This was one of the HARDEST things for me to wrap my head around after selling my precious time for 5 years and it’s the most powerful shift you can make for you AND your clients.
We’ll install the coaching delivery systems we already have built, directly into your business so you can begin using them immediately. The exact systems and processes that enabled me to bring in up to 10 new clients per month without it adding any stress at all. In fact, each new member that we brought into PUSH actually IMPROVED the experience for everyone on our program. Through the power of combining 1-to-1 coaching, with community to create a winning Culture.


…because you’re having a positive impact in the lives of others, to the detriment of your own…

If you’re sick to death of clients not respecting your time through constant cancelling and rescheduling.

And you’ve heard about this whole ‘online thing’ but never really believed it was a real possibility for you, I’m here to tell you that if you’ve made it this far into this letter, it’s 100% for you!

I don’t care if you have 0 followers, you hate posting content, you’ve got no sales experience and you’ve no idea about how to run an online business…

Because I was exactly the same 3 years ago, and If I can do it, trust me, you can too.

And you can do it a hell of a lot faster than I did, because you don’t need to make all the mistakes that I did.

Here’s What To Do Next Coach:

(ONLY If you’re serious about making a change)

Schedule in a FREE 15-minute ”Atomic Action” Strategy Session with me personally.

On this zoom call we’ll do two things:

1) An audit of your current situation, including your revenue, time considerations, future goals and biggest obstacles

2) We’ll determine the ONE thing you can do to see immediate success I.e. start getting online clients!

The entire premise of this call is to get you win(s) on the board.


Complete transparency, if I can help you get your first couple of clients for free, I’ll be the obvious choice when you decide you want some help to get your first 6 online clients in under 60 days then scale up to $20k+ months

Looking forward to speaking with some of you very soon

James Pitt
Founder Of The PUSH Program™
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